Monday, May 26, 2014

Senior Stylist, Whitley Dishes: Is Your Hair Making You Look Old?

Whether you're 22 or 44, there's no question that the right hairstyle can mean the difference between looking the former or the latter. Hey, look at how much younger Reese Witherspoon looked after getting bangs! Here's how to ditch the old look and nab a more youthful one. 
The angle, layering and overall style of the cut will either camouflage or accent someone's best features and catch the eye, as for length it's highly individual… long, short or medium can work. Again, it's the cut and styling, which has to be right for the individual woman that makes all the difference!
A Cut Above the Rest
The right cut will draw attention to your face and highlight your best features -- big, gorgeous eyes, full lips, great skin, etc., and it can also make up for facial flaws. Let's say you have a strong jaw line, (for example, Reese Witherspoon) and want to soften your overall look. Go for a cut with long layers and side-swept bangs.
Color Commentary
We usually advise a client to go a lighter shade rather than a darker shade when hair is turning grey to brighten up the overall look; we recommend a more translucent color to blend grey hair, which helps to soften the look as the hair starts to grow out. Using a matte color makes the regrowth more visible. Adding some lighter highlights throughout the hair, which helps with grey blending, and when covering or blending grey hair on male clients, we generally use a demi-permanent color, which fades off over a period of a few weeks, instead of leaving a line of demarcation.
Add Some Layers
We always recommend that women keep their hair between the chin and shoulders with light layers or soft waves around the face with mega volume. One of the most common signs of aging is when the hair starts to thin and the texture begins to change. For this, we recommend creating fullness and volume the hair once had. Layers apply to color as well. Lighter hair around the face with darker hair near the neck (think Barbara Walters) makes women look younger because it distracts from their aging necks and brings attention to their eyes and cheekbones.
Older and Wiser
The older woman should also stick with simplicity when it comes to a cut such as a wedge bob. At least 70 percent of the hair should be one length because as we get older hair thins and heavily layered hair will only emphasize this. Also, if it is one length and shiny, light will bounce off of it giving it a youthful appearance. If a woman is salt and pepper, go with reverse highlights. Have your stylist weave your darkest color throughout because it richens and brightens up hair, again giving it a youthful appearance. Your darkest color is usually found in the back. 

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